Jesus’ PR manager

Scripture – Luke 19:14 – “But his subjects hated him and sent a delegation after him to say, ‘We don’t want this man to be our king.’…”

Observations – From this parable of the ten minas (Lk 19:11-27), ten servants were each given one mina, a sum of money, to steward while their master went to a far away land to be made king. Seems odd, but this man’s subjects hated him; they hated him so much, in fact, that they even sent a delegation to try to persuade that far away council not to make him king over them. Their delegation was unsuccessful; he was made their king.

When he returned, the master called up his servants. The first earned a whopping one-thousand percent return on his master’s money, and so was given ten cities to manage. The second earned a five-hundred percent return and so was given five cities. A third servant returned his one mina to his master, having earned nothing, having not even put the money on deposit at a bank. Why? Because he’d become fearful of his master, convinced he was a hard man, ‘taking out what he didn’t put in and reaping what he did not sow.’ How? I believe this servant listened to “the haters,” the subjects of the kingdom.

Application – As a servant of Christ, know my master, and not through other people. If I am to truly know him and serve him by faith, it will not be through surveys of people’s sordid opinions and objections about him in his “absence”. It is not my job to change other’s opinions of him, but to preach Jesus that they might be saved, whether they choose ot trust him or not. Keep my eyes on Jesus, and steward all my opportunities, time, talent and treasures to please him, not people. For the fear of man is a snare.

Prayer – Lord, you know how strong, and what a snare my fear of man is! Empower me love and serve others as you’ve called me to. The Japanese have a maxim: “the customer is God.” (“okyakusama wa kamisama desu.”) Jesus, you are God and Lord of my life. Amen.